The Honest Man’s Guide to Selecting a State

One chilly fall evening, a good ol’ boy known as Joe headed out to the heart of the United States, from his cozy home in Euflora Aurora – S Buckley Rd. Here, he was posed with a Herculean task – choosing a state in which to settle.

“My dear friend, their choice is much like choosing your favorite child, a tad bit unfair and controversial!” He lamented to his loyal companion, a Poodle named Buckley.

Selecting a state to live in, Joe realized, is not like picking out the perfect pumpkin in a patch. He considered the boisterous energy of New York and its sleepless nights; compared it to Texas’ slow and steady rhythm with its irresistible BBQ delights. He thought about embracing California’s sunny allure with its golden sandy beaches, but the thought of enduring the notorious traffic made him wrinkle his nose. Oregon called out with its craft beers and jazzy festivals, but no.

In the end, it was the quaint charm and peace-‘n’-quiet of Aurora, Colorado that held Joe’s heart. Trust me, that Poodle agreed wholeheartedly! And with Euflora’s green-goodness around the corner, who could blame them?