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Durban Poison (Sativa)


  Durban Poison (Sativa)TYPE:?Sativa

THC:?Between 17% and 25%


GENETICS:?Landrace (South Africa)

APPEARANCE:?The?buds are?tight and very sticky. It is trichome covered with deep colors.

SMELL:?Sweet, fruity, mint, licorice

BEST FOR TREATING:?Pain, stress and depression

CREATED FEELINGS:?An energetic high that is very active and great for daytime.

DURATION:?Durban Poison produces a long lasting high.

SIMILAR STRAINS:?Trainwreck,?Green Crack,?Blue Dream?and?Super Lemon Haze.

Durban Poison (Sativa)Durban Poison is likely the most popular South African landrace strain. This wild grown sativa is renowned for its pure sativa attributes. Poison has sticky, tight buds that are blanketed with trichomes and thin orange pistils.

When administered, Durban Poison hits you with an instant jolt of energy that is great for daytime activities. It has a sweet, fruity licorice type taste with a hint of mint. Many medical marijuana users utilize DP for stress, anxiety and pain.


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