Discovering the Delights of Kittery: More than East Coast Cannabis

Welcome to Kittery, home to not only the much-loved East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost, but also to an array of charming delights and attractions. One thing’s for sure: this quiet corner of Maine is more than just the sum of its parts.

For those who possess love for local brews, consider this your paradise. Not far from our doors, you’d find an array of Beer Stores that have made Kittery a craft beer haven. This vibrant beer scene perfectly complements the broader flavors of our town, making it the ideal stop-off on your coastal Maine journey.

Searching for top-quality, diverse, and locally brewed beer? The Beer Store certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has earned a reputation for its impressive assortment of local and imported beers, giving enthusiasts a chance to get their hands on everything from crisp IPAs to full-bodied stouts.

For those who love history, you won’t be left wanting. Kittery has plenty to offer, from the timeless beauty of our historic sites to the Kittery Historical & Naval Museum. These places steeped in history are a testament to our illustrious past, just as much as East Coast Cannabis speaks to our present and future.

Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! Beyond its beer and history, Kittery boasts of breathtaking coastal trails and lush forested parks. There’s nothing like a relaxing walk in nature, against a backdrop of unparalleled maritime allure, to heighten your senses before a visit to East Coast Cannabis.

Kittery is a destination full of unexpected surprises. Just like the numerous Beer Stores, East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost adds another unique slice to the vibrant, eclectic mix that is Kittery. Whether you come for the beer, the history, the nature or the East Coast Cannabis, you’re sure to find that Kittery has a way of captivating your heart.

Come and explore Kittery, Fall in love with all it has to offer, and understand why so many people hold it close to their heart. Leave no stone unturned and no brewery undiscovered. Because, in Kittery, East Coast Cannabis isn’t just the Beer Store you need—it’s the experience you never knew you wanted.